Short Fiction Story


She walked into my room and hurriedly dragged me outside the house, I was a bit tipsy and couldn’t recognize who she was but I staggeringly managed to get outside my house, I struggled to ask her where she was taking me to.

“Is me your friend Mildred, don’t you recognize me?” she asked still dragging me to a nearby danfo

“Mildred where are you taking me to?” I asked faintly as we boarded the danfo.

She shrugged and tilted her gaze towards the direction of the window ignoring my question.

Though I was a bit tipsy, I could tell this wasn’t how the usual Bing and bang Lagos Danfo was, where’s the conductor that screams and insults at the peak of his voice, how comes this driver is driving sensibly, where are the rough passengers that hops into Danfo like they were born from the clan of Ogun, the god of war.

I tapped Mildred by the hand and I felt an uneasy coldness, again my heart skipped,

“Where did you say we are going to, Mildred?” I asked again.

“We’re going to school Ifeoluwa, we’ve been posted to our various States for our service year, don’t you want to check it out?” she asked softly.

“Yes I want to,” I replied still struggling to remember where I knew her from.

The Danfo came to a halt when we arrived at UNILAG’s gate, alighting from the Danfo, I realized the car was driven by a faceless man.

“But Mildred how comes he is…?” she cut me short immediately

“Don’t ask questions please, Ifeoluwa, let’s just go in and check our postings”.

I nodded in the affirmative and held unto her very cold hands while we walked towards where our faculty notice board was situated. As we walked, I heard canters similar to that of a horse.

I traced with my right finger on the notice board to where the state column was, and my name read on the state column “Osun state”

“Thank God, I never wanted to be far from home,” I screamed out excitedly

“Okay let’s get back home”, Mildred said hurriedly.

“But you haven’t checked your name?” I asked her and she just shrugged and held my hands tightly as she dragged me out of the faculty.

Baba was seated on his favorite sofa with his foot placed against each other while he shook them vigorously with his right palm on his chin, clearly he was lost in thoughts as I greeted him twice with no response

“Baba Ekaso” I greeted for the third time.

“Where did you go to, Ifeoluwa?” Baba asked

“Baba my friend Mildred asked me to go check out my place of service, she’s even here to greet you”, I said turning round to pull Mildred into the house but she was no longer there.

“Where is your friend that came to call you?” Baba asked sounding irritated

“Baba I’m certain I walked into the house with her, maybe she left because she was shy” I replied with all show of certainty

“Well go and prepare for the journey ahead of you, Ifeoluwa” Baba said while dividing the whole kola in his hands into two.

As water flowed down from the top of my head to the sole of my feet under the shower I kept thinking about

“Who Mildred was? Why didn’t she wait to greet Baba? How did she find her way to my room? Who was that faceless Danfo old man?” clearly I’m over thinking, I said aloud while tying up my towel to my chest firmly.

I took the first bus to Osun state and settled at Ede, my primary place of assignment which looked like nothing I was told. The students hardly understood English and most of them preferred trade to being in school. A week passed and I was getting used to the environment and domicile Yoruba folks until this started happening.

I came into my room one faithful hot afternoon to find Mildred on my bed with a broad smile on her face.

“How did you get into my room?” I asked shakingly

“Were you posted here also?” I pressed more.

“No Ifeoluwa” she replied as she stood up moving steps closer to me

“I am you, Ifeoluwa and you’re me” she said softly.

“I am you? how? I asked confusingly, Baba never told me I had a sister, Never!” I said to her shaking like a chicken.

“I know Ifeoluwa, this is beyond you to absorb or comprehend now” with a smile on her face she said softly and disappeared

“Ahh Egbami, someone please tap me and tell me this is all a dream!” I wailed

I noticed my clothes that I left scattered were now neatly folded, and my leftover plates washed, my room carried an atmosphere so dense and uncomfortable.

It then dawned on me that I never saw my course mates the day I checked my name on the notice board, and also I was called up from nowhere to my primary place of assignment without camping? “How comes these thoughts never crossed my mind? Who’s Mildred? Who’s the dark skinned principal with tribal marks? and even the students, who are they?


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New Year


We know it’s the fourth day into the New Year and you’ve not heard from us? Have we abandoned the blog? Hell No! Let’s just say we had hectic engagements that pulled us away from the Internet but henceforth we are all over your screens.

Let us expediently wish you a Happy and Prosperous New year🎉 before we delve into what we have to share with you today.

We can imagine how you’ve professed those sweet, pristine and “seem too easy” resolutions last year while anticipating for this New Year. As you were shouting “New Year, I’ll do this and that”, I just hope some part of you still fight hard to ditch those impossible motivations hence made it a mandate to write down feasible and achievable resolutions.

I am sure we ain’t the only one on this table? As much as we try to mention 2021, we still discover 2020 still creep its way into our lips. Guess we’re still trying to get accustomed with this new guy, 2021.

The truth is, it takes a whole lot of time to get past this old guy, we mean, considering what it brought along. No SOS, No red flag, No warning signs of the many disaster it brought along and BOOM we had COVID pandemic, Economic attrition, #EndSARs Saga, Gross violence, Incessant kidnapping and many more. All in one leap year.

But see, we made it, we survived it! Come on, that’s enough feat to celebrate, don’t you think so?

We just started another year and we won’t assure you that it’ll be cheesy peasy neither can we make a prediction that there’ll be a warning sign, an SOS or a red flag to any hurdles coming our way but what we believe is, “we are only equipped with experiences from the past.”

So we hope you fold those sleeves of yours, wear those gloves and stay prepared for what’s coming while at it.

Don’t forget to invite your friends to join us as we create more stories, more memories this year together.

I hope 2021 becomes a compensation for all the losses, damages and hurts last year painted on our faces. See ya!

Short Fiction Story


Drops of water running marathon down her cheek slowly like a movie on a slow-motion, she just had 3 bottles of Vodka. She yanked a fistful of her bare breast, with its small courageous perky nipple pointing shamelessly at the wall mirror. Her both hands covered with blood. Her short kinky hair was dishevelled and her eyes were red.

“If only Allah could make my life ebb away” Amina whimpered.

How 15-year-old Amina Hamza found herself in this messy Predicament all started on the very day her Level 1 result was pasted on the Faculty’s notice board. She prudently ran her hands horizontally through the glass where the result was placed. She saw many “Hamzas” as the names were arranged alphabetically on the A4 but she needed to be sure which of the Hamzas earned the DFL (Deanery Favourite List). Abubakar Hamza; who has always been Amina’s crush since their days in Alkali high school would not have deserved less. Abubakar always competed with her to be the top of the class and fate brought them to the same University, the same course of study.

After Amina had conscientiously looked through, she discovered “Amina Hamza” was the name bearing the status of DFL (Deanery Favourite List) with a 4.89 CGPA. She quickly searched for Abubakar’s name to see his grade point since students weren’t queued yet

“Masha Allah, I know my Abubakar will always make me proud” Amina muttered while smiling cheerily

He made a 4.76 CGPA. For as far back as Amina could remember, that day was the zenith of her happiness. She was smiling and couldn’t wait to broadcast the good news at home.

“I am the best student” she clamoured just immediately she slammed the door behind her. Aisha, Amina’s younger sister who was sitting on the mat placed on the floor stood up with all vigour, hugged her tightly.

“Papa, still at work, right?” Amina asked aptly

“Nam” Aisha replied while smiling

Amina knocked on Mama’s room

“Salamualaikum” Amina said quietly while waiting for a response

“Walaikum Salam, Baby na can come in” Mama responded

While Amina attempted to open the door, Mama further said

“Congratulations Baby na” while smiling sheepishly

Amina was startled.

“There’s no way Mama would’ve eavesdrop into the conversation with Aisha, besides, her door was locked. Obviously something is fishy.”

“Thank You Mama” Amina replied without inquiring what the congratulation was about .

“We’ll talk over at dinner, Let me pick Alhaji’s call” Amina’s Mum whispered as she patted Amina’s back.


Dinner was Spaghetti. This is always the only moment Amina’s family members get to talk as a family, everyone is just so distanced except for Amina and her younger sister, Aisha. Amina voraciously ate the food without looking at anyone’s direction. The clatter of metal spoons hitting the ceramic plates came to halt when Papa said.

“Amina, do you remember Alhaji Danjuma” he asked with that scary baritone voice of his.

Amina looked at Mama, she saw the displeasure in the eloquence of her body language.

“He didn’t even care about my performance in school, does he even care about anything in this family,” Amina thought.

“Yes! Papa, the one that owns a private jet right? Amina asked tilting her head to her food with a fixed gaze

“Alhaji, Dan Allah not now, let’s finish eating this palatable abinci” Mama cut in facing Papa

“Yauwa, I have chosen him to be your husband and ummm…” Papa said ignoring Mama

“But Papa I am just 15 years old and I just finished my first year and I need to focus on my studies” Amina retorted, cutting Papa short.

“And who said you can’t concentrate in your husband’s house? And don’t you dare cut me short while I am speaking” Papa frowned, cautioning Amina

It took some seconds before the reality of what Papa said dawned on Amina.

“A marriage between Alhaji Danjuma and I? How is that possible? The man is almost thrice as old as I am” Amina thought

Amina looked at Mama’s direction, she sat close to Papa, speechless.

Amina stood up from the chair with all resentment, screeching the chair behind her.

“Amina! come back here and pack up these remains” Papa yelled at her

“Hankali Alhaji” Mama pleaded

“No, Hajiya allow me to talk. Your daughters are rude. She will tell me where we’ll get all these monies to buy all these expensive foods, the three cars parked outside and the house she’s living in? If not for Alhaji Danjuma” Papa shouted this time around stuttering

Amina while tearing out grabbed the ceramic plate with all indignancy, turned anticlockwise and made her way to the kitchen.

Alhaji Danjuma isn’t just the normal wealthy Northerner, he was superfluously affluent, renown both home and abroad, had several enterprises in which Papa is managing one.


Amina has never fantasized her life with someone old enough to be her father. She was just 15 years old and Alhaji Danjuma was already in his late 50’s. Marriage was supposed to be filled with so much pun, wordplay, reading of love literatures while lying on Mr right’s chest; a union of prolific writers.

“It was meant to be our glorious eternal ecstasy, Abubakar and mine,” Amina mumbled while grabbing a pillow and squeezing it between her thighs.

She stretched her hands towards the bedside stool, took a grip of her Iphone, unlocked it and started to type a message on Abubakar’s DM via WhatsApp but discovered he hasn’t been online since 8:35 Am, so she cleared all the texts she typed. They had just had their usual conversations the previous night of making promises of standing by each other forever till death do them part, unbeknown to Amina what will be striking the following night.

Nothing gives Amina more joy than recalling how the flame that burnt in their hearts was first Ignited

From the very first day, Abubakar was introduced by Mrs Lateefah, the form teacher of the then SS 2 Art C as a new student from another school, Amina and a handful of other pretty girls in that class had a soft spot for him. He was that very charming and eloquent. Amina, on the other hand, has always been that shy girl with a consistent track record of an excellent grade that all the guys tried to woo, she has skipped several classes due to how advanced her cognition was while Abubakar was the nerd who quavers at the sight of anything in skirt, never the likely combination were the both. But fate has its own plans.

Amina and Abubakar grew into cat and dog; the both always contending who’ll come first position at the close of each term that they barely spoke to each other.


Jamb lessons began around the month of October, the lessons commenced immediately after the usual classes and ended by 6:00 Pm. It has always been fun for Amina journeying home with Amarachi and Yemi, they all chatted about every discreet thing including the sizes of their bra as they’d just started developing breast except for Amina, who just clocked 14 years old. Amina and Abubakar first conversation was during one of those times.

On one of those fateful Thursdays, Amarachi, the most garrulous among Amina’s girlfriends who’s always pontificating about her attractive physique, lost her Niece hence was absent, Yemi too, was ill so she couldn’t make it to school that day. Amina was all alone throughout, well, she was kept company by the severe menstrual cramps that left her underwater. She toiled to see that she didn’t miss the Jamb lesson for that day despite the twinge that accompanied the cramp.

Something spectacular about this Thursday was how everything was in her odds, coming to the bus stop where they normally board a commercial bus home, finding one became a bottleneck. While standing, Amina had noticed Abubakar few yards from her, nodding his head like an Agama Lizard with an earpiece worn to his ear, it was getting pretty late and Abubakar seem not to be bothered in any way. After 30 minutes standing, a rusty – aged bus drove by, rocking back and forth like a drunkard; immediately it took a brake, tug of war ensued among the bystanders and before one could say, Jack Robinson, the bus was already filled up, with two persons sitting at the conductor’s spot, popularly known as “engine.”

Amina was about retracting from the bus when she heard her name

“Amina come back” Abubakar called out while alighting from the bus

“No!” Amina replied standing startled with her mouth producing an “O” shape

Shiga Motar yanzu, ya mika sararin samaniya” an elderly woman from the bus instructed. “Enter the bus now, he has offered his space”

Amina then hopped in, not looking towards the direction of Abubakar neither expressing any show of gratitude.

“This might be cliché, but I think I’ve found my missing piece from that very moment” Amina tittered.

Thenceforth the both became close, chatting with him became Amina’s first and last thing on her daily to-do list.

“Why am I just getting to know you, Abubakar?” Amina would always cry out with an imperceptible shrug.

They both got off to a nice start. From being the first one to snap a selfie in the other’s phone to giving the other mind-blowing birthday presents, they illuminated each other’s world just the best way they could. Mornings came with sunrise but theirs came with voice notes on their WhatsApp asking each other “How was your night?”

Abubakar taught Amina how to compose simple poems since he’s a badass at it, everybody believed they were a good match. While everybody was looking forward to the end of Senior Secondary School, Amina wanted a rewind and a redo, what they both felt for each other wasn’t just juvenile, it was real and even.

Amina could clearly reminisce every word in the Poem Abubakar slipped into her bag.

“Hey, don’t open it yet until you get home” Abubakar instructed Amina while grabbing her left hands and squeezing them in his tough textured palm as they both giggled at each other

It reads:

“I still don’t know why it took so long
Why that long to find where my heart belongs
It’s been written, that in this length of time it must tarry
Like a lyric without a symphony, a glory with none to carry
A feat without a defeat, a complete without a delete
This is how I’ll always feel without you beneath

Amina will you be my girlfriend?”

That very night, Amina said Yes to him via WhatsApp chat. Amina recited those verses every morning that she had every line off heart.

“I can’t share your shadow with any other girl” Amina will always remind Abubakar of how possessive she was of him even though the religion permits polygamous marriage.

The bond grew even stronger in the university until this predicament befell Amina.

For days, Amina was restless, she couldn’t grow the guts to share this news with Abubakar but he was that sensitive, he got the cue. After so much persuasion, Amina opened up to him.

“Baby I’ll forever love you, even beyond eternity. And I pray you don’t think contrarily just because I am letting go now. I am not trying to let you go through all this alone, no. I’ll be here by you. But I am only setting you free to do what every obedient lady would. I am so glad that I have been in your life, even though it’s becoming an aura. You made me a better person, No doubt and I am forever grateful. Go on, be a good wife too. I love you so much, Amina” He dropped the message and went offline immediately

“I thought he was going to give me hope, I thought he was going to fight for this love but he was proficient at calling “Us” an end courteously and diplomatically,” Amina said while suppressing the wail boiling inside her.


Day after slow day, Amina nursed hatred for everything around her until she no longer remembered what it felt like to be free from her viciousness. Discreetly she often drank Vodka to trigger her to bed. Her wedding day was fixed and it did approach fast like Usain Bolt.

On 27th, November 2019 just like every usual day, Amina woke at exactly 4:00 Am to make breakfast for everyone at home before the morning prayers (Fajr) since Papa leaves for work early and Aisha follows him as her school was en route Papa’s workplace. Amina proposed to sleep like a log as that particular day was a lecture-free day, always her favourite moments. Immediately she got done frying the plantain, dishing Aisha’s own in her School flask and saying her prayers, she retreated to bed.

When Amina woke up, she lost count of what time it was; first, she felt her head banging, her eyes aching, her ears producing this shrieking sound and her thighs felt like it was beaten, the next thing she discovered was, she was apparently naked on the bed.

“Hasbunallahu Wa Nimal Wakeel” “Sufficient for us is Allah, and (He is) the best disposer of Affairs” She whispered while gathering strength,

Her unconsciousness got dabbed away when she heard someone flushing the toilet in her room, she tip-toed to the table where she kept the little knife she used the previous night to cut an embroidered fabric, then swiftly walked to the door side of the toilet and leaned closer. Immediately the door got open, Amina struck this being cold-bloodedly, incessantly until she couldn’t hear him yelling anymore.

“Papa! But why? Papa” She encircled her palms around her mouth trying to control her screams from alarming the Neighbours around. She was confused.

“What did I do? Why isn’t he at work? Is this a trance or what?” Amina still muttering these questions to herself.

She picked up her cell phone to call.

“But who should I call? Mama? Mama won’t believe me not to talk of anyone in this whole wide world? Ya Allah Just take my soul” She said to herself sobbing hard.

She grabbed the last three Vodka in the drawer, sat very close to Papa and drank them gradually as she teared out. She stood up staggering holding the last Vodka bottle by the tip while facing the wall mirror yanking a fistful of her bare breast just immediately when Mama came in.

“Mama I swear to God he raped me and I never meant it this way… I can explain…” Amina forced words out of her mouth as she choked

“Shhhh… You did the right thing, he’s a monster – your father molested you sexually when you were just 6 and I am sure you can’t remember. He’s been abusing me even as his wife. You’re an answer to my Prayer Baby na” Mama cut in as she deeps her hand into Papa’s pocket pulling out a fabric-made doll tied round with red linen.

“He used black magic (voodoo) on you that’s why you didn’t even figure out when he was raping you. Don’t feel terrible in any way, it’s not your fault, it’s mine – I am sorry I wasn’t there for you both and I am sorry I am just telling you all these now, I just didn’t want y’all seeing him as a bad father” Mama said as she bursted out crying.

Amina stood startled. In her head she was already counting her jail term in the Juvenile Prison and the stigma she will live with, for the rest of her life because no one will believe their story, people will end up presuming she killed Papa to be free from the upcoming wedding with Alhaji Danjuma.

“If only Allah could make my life ebb away” Amina whimpered.


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Short Fiction Story

Good News For You!

It’s a custom for best friend and I to scribble down a story every year and guess what?

Let me tarry your inquisitiveness a bit. The last few months have been a tussle in different ways for individuals, families, businesses in different parts of the world, especially in this part of the world, Nigeria.

While we went through all of the ill omens, lives were lost, minds were misplaced and sanities were relinquished but we stood strong. And for those who lost their loved ones, may you remain comforted and may the souls of your bereaved ones rest in perfect peace.

Back to my gist, around late October, best friend and I launched this blog, where we wrote and posted short fictions solely written by us twice every month.

Voila! our yearly story is ready and will be officially released by the 1st of December, 2020. Added to this, we’ll be gifting cash to just one lucky winner on the blog in respect to this new story.

Cross my heart, this won’t be the conventional kind of story you read on a daily, promises to be intriguing, fascinating and boredom- disrupting, hit the follow button on this blog to stay updated.

Short Fiction Story


WARNING: Don’t read this if you’ve got no liver.

Honestly, some silly actions don’t afterward sleep neither do they take a nap, they stay up for the rest of your existence without blinking. My action on the 26th of June, 2019 was one of those. As at when you’ll be reading this I should probably be dead, hoping you’ll join me too.

You’ll know I’m a writer by profession. I write short stories, poetry and lyrics of songs. I enjoy doing all of it and the juicy part about this whole writing thing is, I earn from it. So, it all started on the morning of 24th, June 2019 I started building storylines for my fourth book, “In love with a ghost.” From the name you can apparently tell is a horror story, I had the storylines playing bit by bit in my head but scribbling it down on the notepad on my phone was the bottleneck

“How do I even start” I muttered

I stared at my phone screen for like half an hour and gave up trying. Probably today wasn’t my lucky day. I jumped on my Facebook hoping to ward off my writer’s block.

“Hey, Anaàle” a message from an anonymous fellow with a creepy kind of profile picture popped up from my Facebook Messenger.

“Who the hell is this,” I said to myself.

I get a lot of these messages but I don’t reply to this “Hey/Hello” kind of messages from strangers but this one is different, I was startled because even my best friend, Cynthia doesn’t know me by that name.

Ana–àle as my late Grandpa do take a pause when calling me, was the name he named me when I was just only a year and 4 months old. I halted a while, then clicked on “View Profile” so I could browse through this fellow’s timeline to see who this weird fellow is. What caught my attention is the Profile Picture, I had a clear view of it this time, a green coloured creature wearing a hood with the eye likened to that of an Eagle.

“What Nonsense is this” I whispered.

I tried rummaging through this fellow’s timeline, but not a thing was posted, as empty as a haunted house. Nevertheless all these red flags I replied

“Who are you?” How do you know my name?

The reply from the stranger got me more startled

“I see you’re having hard times writing your new story but I can suggest an easy way out… Visit the link to my world – http://smedvite/4132/

I was yet typing to asking him a lot of questions when he blocked me.

What the hell? Who does that?” I said with an indignant reaction

I didn’t click the link, I ignored the message – I mean who will even click it, I barely know who you’re.

Next morning while I was having my breakfast, the page from my diary where I wrote boldly “In love with a ghost” flipped and kept staring at me, then I remembered the message from the weird fellow on Facebook.

“O——kay! let me check it out” I whispered

I opened my Facebook messenger, clicked on the link abruptly and I was taken to a page where my Names, Email and other Personal Information was requested, I filled them in with no patience as I sipped my hot tea. After filling all the necessaries, I paused looking at the submit button, I was indecisive whether to proceed or not. Anyways I did.

Immediately I submitted, I heard a knock on my door, I opened the door and peeped outside expecting to see probably Cynthia who had an engagement with me later in the day but not a soul was seen neither a perfumed perceived

I checked my phone back and I saw a welcome message with some creepy images all over my screen, I just shook my head and quitted the page. That night after I retreated to bed, I had a dreamful night, I rarely dream, I can’t even remember when last I dreamt but this night was different. I was having sex upon sex with this strange lady, a very beautiful, busty and flawless – figured lady in her thirties I presume. I never asked for her name what I do remember is, she was wearing a golden bracelet.

Before I woke up from my sex-full dreams, she kissed me and left me with this instruction

“The day anybody hears our story, that person will embrace death within the span of 2 days”

I guess I was mesmerized by the kiss, I really was, that I couldn’t think straight, I didn’t even enquire what she meant by those words

I woke up to a call from Cynthia informing me of her visit by 3 pm. I used to be superfluously joyous when she’s coming over because I get to read her some of my love poems, short stories, we even get to dance to some of the Afropop music and often times make out. Today was different from the normal, from 7 am after I got off the phone with Cynthia I felt this strong urge to begin my story “In love with a ghost.”

Like a magic wand, within 3 hours of writing I was already done. I made no mistakes, I didn’t make any first draft, the first piece was still the masterpiece, I searched for errors but none, I was surprised but yet I felt this feeling of accomplishment. At least Cynthia will get to see my new story and do her brilliant review on it. Exactly 2:45 pm while I was at the kitchen trying to prepare Noodles which I intend to serve Cynthia, I heard a knock at the door.

“Cynthia I’m coming” I shouted jubilantly

I opened the door and saw nobody, I felt this cold sensation of fear running from my head down to my feet. I went in and continue cooking, at about 3:10 pm, I heard another knock, this time I opened up holding a  bat on my hand to bash the head of whosoever was playing hide and seek with me

“Voila! Here comes my Baby Girl” I said while hugging Cynthia

“What’s with the bat stick on your hand,” she asked

“I was actually playing some sort of games inside when I heard a knock on the door” I lied to corroborate the bat I was holding with my hand

Cynthia was so excited just as much as I was, we had the best time together and fun of it was, for the first time Cynthia never made any corrections on my story, “In love with a ghost” after I read it to her.  We spent hours into the night together and when it was 8 pm, she left. Immediately she left that stranger on Facebook dropped a message

“I warned you! The day anybody hears our story that person will embrace death within the span of 2 days”

“Oh my God! I now connect the dots” I screamed while my phone slipped from hand.

Attempting to pick up my phone to reach Cynthia immediately, I saw the bracelets on the ground which that beautiful lady from my dream wore. I took it up and got a close look, the creepy profile picture of that stranger from Facebook was on this bracelet.

“For real? Did I actually have sex with that woman or I boozed off my sobriety” I said with every show of apprehension

A message from the stranger popped up again which arrested my attention “Hahaha you and many others reading this be prepared for your deaths too


After reading, I’ll love you to answer the questions below

  1. How did you feel after reading this short story?
  2. Do you think Cynthia was the weird creature Anaále had sex with, in his dream?
  3. What was your most intriguing moment in this story?

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Short Fiction Story

Anticipate! Anticipate!!

Guys, this is our next story. Let me just quickly warn you’ll, don’t read this book at night or when you’re all alone please! No doubt, it is intriguing but way too horrific.

Remember our story comes up on the blog every first and last week of the month. So anticipate, on the 26th of this month “In Love With A Ghost” will be up for everyone to read and download, if you so desire! It is just a 10 minutes read at most but it’s as scary as hell.

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Short Fiction Story


Ugomma swayed her hips to the rhythm of the song playing in the background, she hated the song playing but she had to dance to it and wear a smile on, just as Madam Gold has instructed. Her legs were entwined to the pole she’s been caressing all night while lost in thought, how long was she going to do this? She thought.

Everyone knew Ugomma as Madam Gold’s finest stripper, she had skin that shone as brown- wild – honey and her figure was terrific. She has satisfied both male and female customers for the past three years, this is the life Ugomma chose because it took her mind off the secret she had lived with for the past 23yrs.

Every night Ugomma went home with nothing less than 300,000 Naira, she was indeed Madam Gold’s highest paid asset, there was no position she didn’t learn when she started as a stripper, customers tripped in numbers to see her strip and dance. Whenever she came to work her fellow stripper, Bimpe will often ask her

“Why are you doing this business, you’re a rich kid already.”

Ugomma will smile and tell her to mind her business. She was not hurting anyone after all, as long as on the 1st and 10th of each Month she was in her apartment before midnight, she was safe from the troubles of “Mother sacred” the leader of her other world. She even had private sections with some clients to satisfy their urge, it made her feel better about herself.

Her parents split up at her early age because of her condition, they didn’t know where she had come from or who they had offended. She was homeschooled until she got admission to the University of Lagos to study physiotherapy, Mr Onwuka said No to her going to the University but Mrs Onwuka fought hammer and nail to make sure her abnormal daughter goes to school. Talking about money, the Onwuka’s were the definition of real bling Lagosians!

She couldn’t stay with her peers at the hostel so her parents rented an apartment outside the school to help protect her secret from the world which suffices twice every month at midnight hours. But for how long?

At the course of her Final year, a New Young lecturer was assigned to take them a course. This New Lecturer was fond of despising Ugomma overtly of acting psychopathic while almost half of the class laughed out hysterically. And each time it happens she gave him a tacit response. On one fateful day when the Lecturer was suppose to have his test, he didn’t show up, the next thing everyone heard was Mr Onuigbo, the new lecturer who haven’t stayed up to three months is dead, bitten concurrently by a python on his bed, his bones mercilessly battered.

Other deaths followed that same year and somehow it was still linked to Mr Onuigbo’s demise, the same Python was behind all these death. More than 25 dead bodies recorded that year were all bitten by a python – at least autopsy don’t lie. And despite all odds Ugomma finished her University studies and had to chase this life of a stripper because of her condition.

Today was the first of August and Ugomma knew she wasn’t supposed to be at work, but one of madam Gold’s client booked a private section with her already.

“I will just spend an hour with him then go home before midnight” she mumbled to herself.

Her client, Mr Kenneth stared at her lustfully as she twerked for him, after she had twerked, she sat directly on him and pleased him with every strength in her body. She was in a haste because she had just an hour left before the dark calls, but Kenneth was a talker – oh! how Ugomma hated men who speak during sex, she pretended to be feeling him deep inside her and when he let loose of himself she knew she had given him a good performance, she asked for her pay and he said

“What if I pay you for the whole night, Girl! you’re too sweet for me to let go.”

She pushed him and attempted to move towards the door but he moved swiftly to the door, locked it up and said to Ugomma

“I don’t care if you are a stripper or a club girl, I want to marry you.”

“Sir please you have to let me go” she cried out.

Kenneth tightly hugged her and started spooning her, she looked at the wall clock, it was already 12:00 AM on the dot, at this point, her body was still tightly entwined to his body. A few seconds afterwards, he felt a large slimy skin, which suddenly sent chills to his spine, and when he opened his eyes, he screamed so loud while drifting away from the creature, which made the creature coil in attacking mood, Ugomma just turned to a Python.



  • Do you think Ugomma will kill him?
  • And who do you think did this to Ugomma?
  • Do you think there’s any hidden agenda why Ugomma’s parents protected Ugomma’s secret from the world? And Why?
  • From the story, will you say Ugomma Is badly behaved?


The most brilliant answers to the aforementioned questions will get to be featured on the blog by Friday

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Short Fiction Story


Chapter One

” Da Ngozi Sun don go down, make we dey go house now” I pleaded.

I just didn’t want to miss that Zoro cartoon they normally show on KSTV by 6 pm, the dude is my number one superhero who goes about carving alphabet “Z” on the butts of those who messes with him. Ngozi who I do call “Da Ngozi” as a symbol of respect, apparently gave no ears to me, prolly she never heard me or maybe heard me but snubbed. All I could recall was she continued humming one popular Igbo song while she supports the tray filled with Banana on her head firmly with her both hands.

With my left hand I held unto her black gown which has turned brown from the several years of torture under the sun as I bade her with every show of pity worn on my face

“Bikonu Da Ngozi make we dey go house now…before” I was halfway done speaking when she blasted like a loudspeaker

“mechie onu gi ebe ahu” {Shut up your mouth there}

Prolly my favourite cartoon, Zoro, wasn’t the only reason I wanted going home early, there was this feeling of discomfort I felt too as we continued our expedition, the same horrible feeling I got before Papa died without a word or sign to any of us while I was at the farm with Ngozi and Nnenna, I just can’t imagine tragic news coming my way this time again.
Ngozi and I after all the trekking we did, coupled with missing my Zoro cartoon, we decided to take the short route to the house.

“Da Ngozi” I called out.

“Gịnị bụ nsogbu gị” {What’s your problem} Ngozi responded with an expression of indignancy.

“I bin think say Mama don warn us make we no follow this streamside?” I asked as we trekked fast.

Before now, there have been myths and fetish talks that Mermaids do abduct human beings who come to the streamside to fetch water not until the Chief Priest, Da’ Madu made some consultations. I remember Papa always saying

“if not for the Chief Priest, we’ll be married to our graves”

Well, I was known to be ever fearless, yeah! The exposure this hawking has birthed inside me, I’m sure if I was to be given a rostrum to speak at the white house even with my grammatical blunders, I’m sure I will confront them courageously but I admit I was scared, I really was. We got to the streamside after Ngozi crossed over the little log of wood which was the highly treasured bridge, I made attempt to cross over and I noticed Ngozi muttering some words, to which I managed to catch few of her mutterings

“Emeka a naked woman…”

Ngozi kept moving her lips and signalling me while retreating from the other side of the stream.
I noticed someone behind me, I wanted to run but it was too late, I wasn’t even halfway pass the log of wood which was the channel to the other side, well the only way of escape was to jump into the stream and that was exactly what I did. I thought this stream was shallow but hell no! It was deep as spoken words. Almost when I thought I have successfully escaped whoever was trying to kidnap me, I felt a soft cold hand holding me by my legs.

I didn’t even know where Ngozi was as at this point, I was just struggling my way out so as not to be caught by this strange person who I’m yet to discover, whether she’s a female? Or a male?.

“Holy Shit” I screamed when I turned backwards to discover a light-complexioned, beautiful Mermaid completely naked with a gigantic purple fin, well I wasn’t able to catch a full glimpse as I was still battling on how to run from her reach.

I always taught Mermaids were myths… So Papa was right all these while. She held to my right leg firmly, before I could say Jack Robinson she was atop of me, all I could feel was her big breast pressed on me taking me beneath the water.

“Ahh… Chineke Moh” I screamed while losing my breath underwaters.

I think I lost my consciousness because the last thing I could remember was this Mermaid encircling me with her arms and placing her soft lip on mine. I don’t have an explanation of what happened after that, the next thing I saw, was myself laying on some pebble stones tied on both hands and legs in a place I presume to be a cave.

From a distant, I could see human skulls and bones but for the large teeth hanging on the walls, I presume it should be the ones of Sharks because they were super large.
I was really terrified, if I had left earlier to see my Zoro cartoon, I’m sure I won’t be in this place or maybe if I had taken the long route and despise Ngozi’s plan of taking the short route, who knows? Now my bones will be the next set of bones adding to the carpet of the dried bones here,

“Chukwu gbochie ihe ojoo” {God forbid bad things} I whispered to myself.

Chapter Two

“What’s your name” a feminine voice with a striking accent from the back broke the silence as it echoed through.

I turned, only to see this same Mermaid still naked, but this time around she had human legs. My eyes were just focused on her perky nipples which kept staring at me inviting me passively to come have a feel. I now understand in all of those folktales I read in textbooks why humans keep falling in love with this creature despite their vile nature. Her body is indeed a mystery, no spots, no flaws, just smooth flesh everywhere, and I mean every Goddamn area in her body. I was just 15years old but I could feel my penis in between my legs becoming proud and raising its shoulders as a reaction from what my retina was being fed with.

“What’s your name,” she asked again.

“Where I dey?” I said while shivering, this time I don’t know whether it’s from the bewilderment I felt or from the cold weather that this particular place brought along.

She came very close to me, untied me and asked softly what my name was.

“Chine…du! Chinedu na my name… Biko where I dey?” I lied as I retreated back as much as I can, so her breast doesn’t touch my arm.

“Hey, handsome! I won’t hurt you, all you’ve to do is oblige to my instructions and soon you’ll be back home to your people… Or do you want to end up like those people over there” she said as she pointed at the bones over there.

“No… please” I cried out.

“My name is Geneva, I’m a single mother, the last of my kind. Your people killed my husband years ago, so I just needed someone to train my daughter to be more of a human. I just don’t want to lose her so early to death, so you will be her trainer. And once she’s strong enough to fit into the earth, only then I will let you go to your people” She instructed.

“But I no sabi train person, I just be 15 years old. Wetin I sabi biko?” I lamented

“I chose you because you won’t resist me and I know you’re brave, yes you’re young but you’re indeed brave. I’ve been watching you, I know your Mother, Mrs Chimezirim very well and your two siblings, Nnenna and Ngozi. I am sure you won’t remember the woman that gave you one thousand Naira note as a Christmas gift last year December when I came to your shop opposite your house to buy some things” She said.

I was completely in awe. I just wanted to run away but it seems she read my mind.

“One more thing, the day you dare to run, I will be left with no choice than killing you like the others” She warned me pointing her long fingers directly at my face.

“Follow me” she said as she motioned her hands in the air. I just couldn’t stand the sight of her fair flawless butt so I took my eyes down.

“Hey you!” a light-complexioned girl with dark long hair shouted from the small pool where she was swinging her fin. I’ve never seen such beauty in all the community of Omoukada, in fact, I doubt if anyone is as pretty as this little girl in the world. I mean if someone tells me she’s a fallen angel, I won’t debunk it.

I was just staring at her, damn! From her pointed nose, her small sexy soft lips, her eyes like that of a pussy cat. If a little girl who’s completely breastless can be so charming how much more charming will she be when she’s in her youth? My train of thoughts was brought back when Geneva called out my name.

“Chinedu meet Fiona my 11 years old daughter, Fiona meet Chinedu, your new trainer”

“Sorry my name no be Chinedu, na Emeka” I objected

“I know you’re Emeka but whatever it is, I prefer to call you Chinedu, so that’s your new name” Geneva said while laughing hysterically.

“Hey Chinedu, I’m happy to meet you” Fiona said as she gave me the warmest smile and took out a living fish from the pool and began chewing it. I just waved at her in astonishment.

“Please come let me show you your room” She said.

“Abeg na where I dey” I asked looking confused as I kept looking at the drawings inscribed on the walls.

“First of all this your language may not be accepted here, it doesn’t sound nice. I will have to teach you how to speak proper English. And this place is called an underworld, I already told you I’m the last of my kind, all my relations were being killed through a deadly chemical poured by your people into this stream years ago. I had to relocate into the deeps and so you know, it took me virtually 12 hours to get here from that stream.” She replied. I felt more scared.

“12 wetin? So you mean say we dey underwater” I asked looking shocked

“Yes we are” she replied laughing hysterically at how confused I was looking around.

“But how I take dey breathe well well?” the inquisitive me enquired further

“Here is just like earth, a human can dwell here but the problem is how to get here. Staying without oxygen for 12 hours is no joke right?” She said pointing her hand to a small room which was very decorated and furnished.

“Chai! This one na my room! Only for me!!” I said with a big surprise.

Honestly, I always wanted to have a room I could call my own.

“But wait ooh, if you say to reach here from the stream go take like 12 hours, how I take reach here alive” I asked while placing my left hand on the wall.

“Chinedu get some rest, tomorrow work begins” She replied as she smiled slyly.

“And one more thing” she veered around pointing at me “Don’t you dare cross that Stonehenge which is situated after this cave” she further instructed

“Oooooo- Kay” I lingered while responding

“Did you hear me?” She shouted with some seriousness this time around

“Yes Madam I don hear” I replied

“Chineke Nna lekwe Ike” {My God, see butt} I whispered

“Pardon” Geneva reverted aloud

“I no talk anything” I responded immediately.

Chapter Three

Three Weeks Later…

I had just finished taking Fiona her training for that day, which she immediately retreated to her pool. I was just seated by the pool admiring Fiona when I saw a butterfly looking-like insect, it was damn beautiful, I kept chasing after it until I got to the Stonehenge, the one Geneva warned me not to come close to.
From the Stonehenge, something apparently stole my attention, the view of the place on the other side was magnificent

“You sure say this place no be heaven?” I whispered.

Green Grasses everywhere, so quiet and peaceful. I climbed over the Stonehenge to other side, who wouldn’t want to explore such a beautiful place. As I drew closer I saw a small cottage house closed, I was almost passing by when I heard a female voice moaning so loud, but this time around it was as a result of pleasure.

” Mmm! Bring the fire Ma—du … Don’t cease please” the female voice cried

“Ahh! You’re indeed a Goddess, you know right?” the male voice said while grunting.

I discovered a small opening by the door, and I tried to peep but couldn’t see a dime. I was curious to know who these persons were. My curiosity was fed a bit when I recognized the Chief Priest, Da Madu’s Voice

“That boy will be the last child you’ll be taking, our agreements was taking elderly men only” he said

“Come on sweetheart! I don’t plan on killing him like those elderly ones besides those ones were planning to run away, but this boy is cool-headed and once he’s done with his duties here, believe me, I will send him back” Geneva replied trying to calm Madu

“Well, my wife is suspicious about my movement, so I might not be coming here too often” Madu said

“What! I presume you’re kidding. So when will you be coming next? Or don’t you enjoy the long time sex I give you here? Geneva asked

“Of course I do! I’m not leaving GiGi darling and besides our daughter, Fiona…” I couldn’t grab the rest of the conversation as the chief priest continued talking.

I just ran so fast so as not to be caught. It now occurred to me the Chief Priest entered an undertaking with the Mermaid. Maybe I was just another dead man walking. Ohhh! How deceived my people of Umuoakada must have been all these years. I got to my room and just pretended like I knew nothing throughout…
It’s usually a custom for Geneva to check up on me before she retires to bed by Nightime.

On this fateful night, I just lied there waiting for her to come. When I heard her footstep approaching, I knew It’s about time to execute my mischievous plan

“Chinedu… What’s the problem?” she asked as she leaned by the door

“I no fine Madam” I answered as I pressed my head to the pillow with my both hands buried around my thighs showing a countenance of displeasure.

She came close, sat by my bedside and placed her hardel by my neck.
Then I struck her immediately by the ribs with the knife I hid in between my thighs.
She fell from the bed, letting out a loud cry which echoed as she attempted to crawl out of the room. I was freaking out already, I didn’t want Fiona to be awake, not at all. It wasn’t part of the plan. This was supposed to be a clean mission. I again stabbed her by the throat concurrently until she was mute, this time around a water-like substance which glued to my skin kept rushing out of her, it was really nauseating. I took her by the hands and started dragging the heavy lifeless body when Fiona called me from the back

“Chinedu! What have you done?”

Shot me a startled look for about a few seconds then ran back to her room.

“Fio…na I can explain everything” I squealed

My heart was pounding fast, I know this isn’t over. And if I must leave this underworld I will need the help of Fiona, I need her Alive!

I followed her immediately to explain everything but coming to her room only to discover she has jabbed herself with a knife already. I ran towards her, took her by the hands, laid her by my thighs, watch her cry until I felt no air in her. I couldn’t bear it! I couldn’t forgive myself for this! Fiona wasn’t the bad one. I took out the knife stuck in her stomach, closed my eyes and pierced myself so deep as I lied next to her, I watch life slip gradually from my hands, till I was no more.


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Short Fiction Story


I’ve  received ten of messages from some eager beavers asking me when the next story will be up.

Ok! For those who are yet to understand our calendar for posting. We post our new stories every First and Last week of every month, you dig right?

So our next story will be up on 28th, September, 2020 at exactly 8:30 Am. 

The Nude Brute Mermaid! Did I just mention the title😳 Holy wow! It sounds so horrific right? You’ve not even seen a glimpse of the tantalizing effect this book will be bringing your way. Wait for it!

Short Fiction Story

Sᴇxᴜᴀʟ ᴀᴄʀɪᴍᴏɴʏ

Kunle is a guy in his late 20’s; my kind of meal. The truth is, I hated too many dramas coupled with being a lady in her early 40’s, the young fishes were my kind of catch.

“Hi, how was heaven when you left it?” I said to him as I sat next to him.

“What?” he said with a wide smile on his face that exposed his cute dimples.

“Heaven is still under your feet, you mini-god! So tell me apart from being this sexy, what do you do for a living” he asked flirtatiously staring at my caramel thighs.

I laughed so loud, he is indeed a good one I thought. He sure knows the gig so I’ll definitely play on.

I dropped my girls at home and headed out immediately with Kunle.

“Eko hall?” I asked.

“No. why don’t we turn up at Prive Lounge No 5 Karimu Kotun Street at Victoria Island, it’s more secretive and we could turn up at their hotel room, I heard their services are top notched.” he countered

I smiled slyly. Good Choice I thought. Again I said almost audibly, “he knows the gig so let’s start playing.”

But I guess what he doesn’t know is who the player is.

It’s been over 16 years my husband died, don’t even get me started on how he died, I had both girls out of a rape occurrence before I got married to him. He thought he could mend me, change me and renew me huh! He tried, I know he did but then… Let’s just enjoy the present moment. These young boys have been my snacks for a while now, some days I order for two or three, and some days just only one will do.

A few minutes later Kunle asked that we get into the hotel room before it gets too late. “Of course! “ I said. I guess this is the moment I’ve been waiting for. He offered me a glass of wine as I sat across the bed. I prayed deeply for some control as he gave me a conspicuous stare, I stared back at him, Kunle seemed different from my other meals, he was calm and didn’t treat me like another cheap whore offering herself freely to enjoy the night.

I moved close to kiss him, it felt different, Kunle wasn’t just another guy. As I kissed him a bit deeper, my thoughts were spinning, I was afraid of my emotions, afraid of losing control, afraid of hurting him. He grabbed my butt and kissed me passionately, he ripped my shirt off and pushed me down the bed

The way he moved his lips across my thighs, damn! Kunle was an air of mystery that I just couldn’t explain, I ran my fingers around his muscles giving me a beautiful fill and his hard Nipples, God! what more can a woman ask for again in a man. I closed my eyes to another realm as he squeezed my boobs, I stroke his beards gently as I felt his chest against mine, he grunted as he thrust into me, I moaned for more, this man was my classy man handling me like a thug the way I wanted.

The sleek and hard ride drove me into an orgasm, something I haven’t had in a while, my other meals were just all about satisfying themselves and leave me hanging. Kunle slept off almost immediately when the demons in my head came rushing.

I stared at him and all I could see was Dan… Dan the father to my girls, the one who raped me; not once, not twice not even after giving birth to his first child which he denied.

I broke the bottle of wine and ran off to the bathroom, hopefully waiting for him to wake up and find me there and then I will spit the venom of what Dan left inside me and for every man, I will ever meet. He walked in and was pretty confused, “what happened? Blood? Are you bleeding? How comes Bisi… Let me get the First Aid Box.”

As he turned to leave I stabbed him, I did it again and again until he grew cold. This is my 10 of 10… More to go until the man who caused me my teenage years of misery pays with his life. Loving me is a crime, falling for me is a trap, tasting me is your death… Now, who’s the next victim?


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